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Ilmu Hukum

Faculty of Law, Universitas Indonesia, is pleased to welcome you to join the International Undergraduate Program (IUP). This program is specially designed to nurture undergraduate students so they will possess strong competence in international business law, and prepare them to have the proficient capability in serving as legal professionals once they graduated. To support their studies, students will have to deal with collections of comprehensive jurisprudence, theories of laws, and practical skills training on contract drafting, negotiation, diplomacy. Legal procedural skills are instilled to students through moot-court simulations.

Lecturing activities involving professors and teachers who are experts on their field of studies, as well as combinations of academics and practitioners both from Indonesia and abroad. Universitas Indonesia Faculty of Law also cooperates with a number of partner universities and/ or law faculties around the world, to provide students with opportunities of students- exchange and study-abroad programs. Our partner universities include Utrecht University, University of Groningen, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Leiden University in the Netherlands, National University of Singapore and University of Technology Sidney, Australia.

The degree of Sarjana Hukum (S.H.) will be awarded to students who complete the program with minimum of 144 credits. To complete such prescribed credits, the students need to take classes from Faculty’s core compulsory curriculum and elective courses. IUP students are also able to transfer credit obtained through student exchange or study abroad program in our partner universities during their studies in IUP. Normally, students can finish their study in 8 – 12 semesters. The language of instructions in the IUP is English. However, in order to have a comprehensive command in Indonesian Laws, Bahasa Indonesia is also required for studying legislative and other legal materials that are only available in Bahasa Indonesia; as well as to practice Indonesia’s moot-court simulations.